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How much money should I save up before I move to atlanta?

I’m currently at $2,000 and I know that is not gonna last if I move with that much. On the average of money I need to move, not including plane ticket.

Only money to live off of until I get A job and A apartment.

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2 Responses to “How much money should I save up before I move to atlanta?”

  1. Kevin E said :

    Whoo, tough spot to be in. Actually, you haven’t given enough information to give a number. But let me try to be helpful and give you some information that may help you as a person making a fairly difficult move.

    Very very hard to relocate with neither a job nor housing awaiting you. If you had at least one of the two waiting for you, you would be a whole lot better off. By the way, Atlanta is a wonderful place, really really has a lot going for it. But you are going to need to get a job and a place to make it work. I don’t want you to fail, that would be very bad.

    Where do you intend to stay while you look for a job? Hotel? Relatives? Makes a difference how much money you need. Relatives is definitely better, at least from a financial standpoint it could be free, whereas hotels are very expensive. But emotionally and “relationshipwise”, if it drags on for a while you could start to get on each others’ nerves.

    How quick can you get a job? What are your job skills? What kind of job are you looking for? What is the outlook, in Atlanta, for that type of job and in that industry? Are you willing to settle for some other job, just to get some income while you keep looking?

    These are questions you need to ask yourself before you can come up with a dollar figure. But $2K probably doesn’t go far enough. Bottom line, you could go through 2K real fast without getting a job or housing. If you can stay with a relative you are much better off. If you have a job right now with a nationwide company, try to arrange a transfer to an Atlanta branch. Either one of these things would help you a whole lot.

    Maybe kind of irrelevant to the hard financial question you asked, but why are you moving to Atlanta? I like Atlanta, a lot, but maybe financially there might be a better place to go? This very much depends on your personal situation.

    OK having said all that with very good will to you, I’ll try to give you sort of a hard number. You ought to be able to find some kind of job within 6 weeks at the most. It may not be the ideal job that you want in the best of all worlds, but at least something workable to get you by until a better opportunity comes along. So, 6 weeks worth of expenses should be enough money. 8 weeks if you want to be on the safe side.

    Best of luck to you, you have chosen a challenging path, but keep in mind if you can get situated within say a month or two, this is a short time relatively speaking then your life will start to straighten out and you can put this “transition period” behind you and move forward.


  2. ScrapAddict said :

    I recently relocated, and it costed 5,000. Spent the bulk on hotels and eating out till I got a permanent place. Whether you are buying or renting consider all deposits. If you decide to buy instead, not only will you need a down payment but also a ‘earnest money’ deposit which will be an easy 1,ooo. Not only that, at your new place will you have or have to buy furniture, and other housewares? I spent 2,ooo on that alone (not included in 5,ooo). If you already have that consider how you will have your possessions shipped. I spent $1,3oo getting stuff shipped from Texas to Maryland. Used ABF (cheaper than PODS) By the way it would be smart to have a job and an apartment lined up before you go. I wish I would have done that.

    $2,000 is a good start, but try to save up more before you go for those unexpected emergencies.


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