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How much money does the Treasury typically print?

They must add money to the system to account for a growing population and the international trade deficit. How much money does the Treasury typically print to counter this? If the answer is–‘They Don’t’, then the printing of money now for the ‘bailout’ is a forgone conclusion to the ongoing loss of money per US capita.
I’m not talking about Money Supply as it relates to the Fed’s adjustments to Velocity. I’m talking about the actually physical loss of money per capita as a result of an ongoing international trade deficit and a growing population.

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2 Responses to “How much money does the Treasury typically print?”

  1. Pat B said :

    They don’t disclose specifics like that, but it is a bit more complicated.

    The treasury is responsible for balancing inflation. They add money, but the also take money of out circulation to counter inflation. They also are responsible for replacing damaged bills ect.

  2. The Magus said :

    Maybe this will help:


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