How much money do you get paid if you work at a stripper bar?

Not like im a stripper or anything, i was curious…since some girls work there to get money for like college or something. I would NEVER work at a strip bar….but i was wondering,
HOW much do you usually get paid?

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4 Responses to “How much money do you get paid if you work at a stripper bar?”

  1. trigger said:

    a fortune

  2. Sunidaze said:

    They make tons, depending on the location and clientele. I know a chick who used to work at one for years – two clients paid for her boob jobs, but she was always in sports cars and everything else. She made great money – except after that she was alway getting in trouble at her regular bartending job for carrying over her stripper ways. I’m sure the girls who work in the well-known establishments in the biggers cities make tons as they probably get ‘famous’ people in there just dishing out the dough. Last time I went to one was last spring when down in Florida for spring training, some of the ball players took me to a club in Clearwater and just seriously dished out the dough all night.

  3. angelica said:

    it dependson how good you are at dancing
    I guess ….and the sort of place you work in

  4. jessica said:

    GOOD TO LIVE VERY WELL take it from a dancer like me 🙂


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