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How much money can you make on a vending machine?

I saw an add on craigslist that had a Red Bull vending machine for sale. I was considering buying it, but i didn’t because i did not know if it would make enough money. If i did buy it I would place it somewhere in Oviedo/Wintersprings FL area. I need to know how much money I could make on a Red Bull vending machine in Oviedo/Wintersprings FL.


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4 Responses to “How much money can you make on a vending machine?”

  1. Common Sense said :

    ummmm, wouldn’t that depend on how many cans you sold? Who could predict that?

  2. add said :

    I don’t know, but I say take the risk! You never know until you try, and if you only make $50 a month it’s still a profit and it’s $50 you didn’t have before.

  3. Carol O said :

    1. You will have to put it somewhere which means you will need to pay rent to the person who owns the land/building where you place it.
    2. People will break into the machine, steal the money and the product when you aren’t guarding it.
    3. You will need to keep it in good repair. Do you know how to repair the machine if it breaks down (it is a used machine, right)?

    If the machine costs more than $5.00, I’d seriously consider using my money in another way.

  4. Karl T. said :

    You should work out a deal on a percentage of the earnings so that the machine wont bankrupt you (the place will get some of the earnings) That way the machine would (ideally) pay for itself.


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