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How much money can I make being a property manager?

I have been told that property managers can make pretty good money. I am planning on getting my certification, and just want a general idea as to how much money I can make. Also, if I were to apply to be a leasing consultant, do I have to have my property management certification?

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4 Responses to “How much money can I make being a property manager?”

  1. budhah1 said :

    Minimum wage, good luck,, suggest you ask your real estate teacher. You have taken real estate courses I hope??

    What have you done to become a leasing consultant??

    Lots of work ahead of you.

  2. Gertie said :

    my area charges on average 10% I’ve talked to a few people about it they say its a pain in the butt since people will call you all hours with problems and you have to figure out how to handle it. One tenant called them on christmas because their oven wouldnt work. GOOD LUCK

  3. MikeHaleHomes said :

    Leasing agents on average make around $25k-40k annually. The certification requirements vary from state to state, so you shold check with your states Dept. of Professional Regulation (or something similar).

    It also varies on the type of property management youare doing, such as apartments, single/multi family homes for investors, or being a rental locator.

    It’s also a good way to learn more about real estate in general should you ever decide to go that route.

  4. Msteedawn1 said :

    I currently am in property management and we as a company make 10% of the rents as the office manager I am on salary and am well paid but I am on call 24/7 and responsible for hiring all subs to do repairs all rents and all evictions all advertising and showings it is a huge responsiblity but I love real estate and my tenants so its worth it to me.


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