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How much in USD , at the most and at least can one make from FOREX business in a week?

I want to know how lucrative FOREX business is: AT LEAST, how much can one expect to make in a week through FOREX business if he works say 6 hours per day for seven days? How much AT MOST can he make in one week, working for same number of hours and days?

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4 Responses to “How much in USD , at the most and at least can one make from FOREX business in a week?”

  1. craig p said :

    Speaking as someone who dabbled in forex markets, the potential profit is unlimited but in most probability you will make nothing, that is how forex brokers make there money.

    Forex with anything less than $2000 will more than likely rely heavily on leverage and this will almost certainly destroy and profitability.

    This doesn’t not take into account that even with no leverage it is next to impossible to predict the ebbs and tides of the currency markets there are far too many factors involved.

    All these factors lead to the prospect of using forex as a business highly unlikely to be successful, despite what those hired by the brokers will tell you on their sites.

    If you must try, bare in mind that leverage is what will destroy any profit, so avoid it like the plagueand above all resist the urge to treat it like gambling, or it will become just that.

  2. Alvie said :

    The possible income and the potential losses are directly related to the amount of money you are trading with.

    If you trade with a million dollars and use a 1:100 leverage. Then you could make $10 million in a week. But you could also loose this much, depending on how your trading goes.

    And if you loose $10 million. Then you will end up $9 million in debt. Because you’ve started only with $1 million of your own money. And the rest was borrowed money.

  3. Stephan L said :

    I’ve seen statistics that say that 9 out of 10 people lose all their money.

  4. Mark said :

    All depends how good you are. I use a trading program to help me out and it makes a HUGE difference. Info about it here:


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