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How much does it cost to transfer ₤75,000 to a Mexican bank account?

Hi there,
I would be interesting to buy a property in Mexico.
Nevertheless, my savings are in British pounds, and I would like to transfer this savings to a Mexican bank account.
I don’t know how much the operations cost, since British pounds will be converted into Mexican peso?
Do you know what could be the bank commission? Do we pay taxes when transfering money abroad?

Thanks for your help!
ok, 99-year land lease instead of buying.

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6 Responses to “How much does it cost to transfer ₤75,000 to a Mexican bank account?”

  1. bob shark said :

    Non Mexican citizens can NOT buy property in Mexico

  2. Drunvalo said :

    Transfere it in sterling !,

    International money mover or something like that costs about twenty five quid.

    They will exchange it when it arrives in your mexican bank accout at onshore mexican rates.

    Check a mexican bank for there rates

    But be very careful about buying anything abroad . check the land title deeds are real .

    There are loads of scams with fake title deeds and you will lose your money.

  3. dick said :

    about 40 quid

  4. Dood said :

    There are companies dealing with these transactions to name only one or two
    Money corps, Currency4less etc…
    Any property exhibition has a stand with a co like that
    it’s worth looking into.
    Search about money transactions abroad on any search engine is also an idea
    As far as I know there is as little as £10 to pay! and no tax to pay, you have probably already paid taxes on this amount or on the interests. These questions you will have to ask the company of yr choice and they will also tell you that you will have to open an acompte in that country but ask about if you are legal to do so in that country… hope this helps

  5. johnmcginley1962 said :

    I strongly suggest you speak to a professional adviser, transferring monies to certain American countries is a nightmare.
    You also can’t buy property without the correct visa & permit from the Mexican Home Office, you must get an advance permitt authority.
    Be careful, there are a ton off conmen who will tell you other tales.
    Call the embassy in london, they will advise free of charge.

  6. SHINDE said :

    Sounds too much money, try sending an e-mail with your questions to this mexican banks (avoid the one called bbva or bancomer):

    I think you should have opened an account here to do that kind of transfer (maybe hsbc). By the way 1 pound costs here 18 pesos.


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