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How much did you pay your accountant to prepare your tax return? Was it worth it? What services did he offer?

I’m thinking of hiring an accountant this year to prepare my taxes as it has gotten more complicated. What advice can you provide me regarding hiring a new accountant?

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7 Responses to “How much did you pay your accountant to prepare your tax return? Was it worth it? What services did he offer?”

  1. sallyy said :

    Where are you. H & R Block is expensive. CPA’s are expensive. Ask your friends. Most charge by the form. Some by time. Some just over charge. We have a very large practice. We do schedule c’s starting at $125. Corp’s start at $350. You need to ask the people you know. Are they all good? Who gets the heads up from the people you know.

  2. hrblockerrolquinn said :

    Dear Brady: Interview several CPA’s and a couple Enrolled Agents and see what they charge and what their guarantee is and if they are open year round etc. What if they make a mistake on your return do they cover the mistake etc? Will they represent you at an audit?

    This advice was prepared based on our understanding of the tax law in effect at the time it was written as it applies to the facts that you provided. Click on my profile to read more. Errol Quinn Enrolled Agent Master Tax Advisor

  3. Journal Entry said :

    Prices are based on how much work your return requires. Find someone who will represent you if the IRS ever audits your return. I would not overestimate getting an accountant you are comfortable with.

  4. Penny Saved said :

    If your taxes are complicated, you’ll have to bite the bullet and expect to pay a few hundred dollars for some help. I paid $175 a few years ago (sold and bought property, went to school, had a baby) from a local Liberty Tax firm. They were fine.

    HR Block — I’ve been to H&R Block twice and both times I ended up paying a lot in taxes. Maybe coincidence but it sure seemed like they weren’t helping find the deductions.

    The best tax advice I ever received was free from VITA services (which you can only use if you are low-income, elderly, or disabled).

  5. Ms. Angel.. said :

    check in your town or city for a reliable CPA to file your taxes. Don’t go to HR B or JH to file your taxes, they hire seasonal employees that don’t know much and charge too much, and once tax season is over they are gone and unable to assist you anymore you will then have to deal with the corporate office.
    A CPA will possible charge anywhere from $100 to $200
    Good luck and don’t sign your tax return until you review and sure everything is included.

  6. Pojo said :

    H & R Block is way overpriced once they get through “lining” you to death to the tune of 5 dollars just to enter one figure on a line sometimes. Look at all the employees around here who simply spam this site all the time and then add that canned disclaimer probably provided by Block.

    Says a lot about them when their own employees have to apologize for the prices they have to charge folks.

    Find a CPA firm in your area and let them teach you the new stuff so next year you might even be able to do the return yourself. What has become so complicated you are finally seeking help?

  7. chatsplas said :

    Check the qualifications of any potential preparers. Just being a CP or an accountant doesn’t make one a good tax preparer. Does the preparer take classes every year, to keep themselves current? Jackson Hewitt and Block both require their preparers to take classes and to be tested for competency, have guarantees and are available year-round to help out. Jackson Hewitt developed the first commercial tax preparation software, and they and Block have proprietary software for tax preparation and can e-file your returns. Some tax preparers are fly-by-night and have little or no training. Check out the firm/company AND the preparer!!!


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