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How long does a bank keep records of your financial transactions?

I got into an argument with my friend as to how long a bank keeps records of your purchases.

How long does a bank (in this case People’s Bank) keep records of your transactions.

For example if I made a purchase today, how long would People’s Bank keep a record of that transaction?

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4 Responses to “How long does a bank keep records of your financial transactions?”

  1. Tele Technology said :


  2. STEVEN F said :

    At minimum, as long as your account is open. Transactions older than 6 months or so will take a while to find, and you will be charged for the effort, but the records are not destroyed.

  3. General Custer said :

    Probably for 30 years. Many banks are storing records on laser disks in several places, in case of a disaster. Laser disks are hard to tamper with and are not subject to erasure by magnetic pulses.

  4. debijs said :

    ~~Every transaction is stored. After many years it goes into a longtime storage system so can take longer to receive, but it is always track-able.~~


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