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How long are bank accounts held for when a person dies?

I was told by bank staff, they keep records for 7 years after a person has died. Another professional told me it was 10 years. Does anyone know the answer in the UK.

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One Response to “How long are bank accounts held for when a person dies?”

  1. Elena said :

    All banking records are held for a period of 7 years in the uk wether the account is open or closed.

    Once you tell the bankl that the account holder has died the account will be closed whe the estate is wrapped up and finalised. This can take anything for a few week to a few months depending if the account goes into probate or if there is no will.

    Once the account is closed the bank will still keep information on the holder and the account itself for 7 years. if you were to make a data request to the bank during this period they could retreive this information for you. This is due to the Data Protection Act 1996.


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