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How do you start a Union at a bank like Bank of America?

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How can you or can you start a union at a bank?

Bank of America has grown way too large, and the people who work there are treated so poorly. Hispanics, Blacks and some Whites (all SVP positions and up are held by white people) it doesn’t matter what race you are, you can stand outside of there corporate centers and ask the employees what they think and they’ll tell you a Union is needed desperately.

They had a hiring fair, and hired around 200 people from the hiring fair. Then before the 90 days was up, they let those 200 people go. Bank of America is only diverse so it can treat people like migrant workers and pay them almost the same. It’s a shame that Afro-American and the Hispanic communities have award Bank of America with awards for there diversity. That’s just wrong, and something needs to be done.

Again: How can you, or can you start a union at a bank like Bank of America?
Where do you start?

Bank of America needs a UNION, help?

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One Response to “How do you start a Union at a bank like Bank of America?”

  1. nitebearer said :

    There are quite a few unions around the country. There are a couple that do deal with clerical staff. Call them and go see them. Discuss!

    With a union comes the problem of becoming certified to represent the workers. So you have to get the paperwork for the employees to sign. Next is that you have to have a majority to proceed from there. The company will hear about it and may take action against it (used to happen a lot years ago).

    Remember that with a union comes union dues ($35-50 or more every month), there are union meetings you’ll have to attend either monthly or several times a year.

    You are warned now that you must attend to know what the union is doing, its plans and what decisions are being made. Only those at the meetings can vote and standup and have a say. Those who do not attend will have to abide by the decisions made by the union without their vote. Basically if only 20 people attend a meeting, and they make a decision to be hard liner with the company and take a certain stand, the rest of you (1000 or more employees) will have to follow the 20 who voted.

    Beware of union questions as many make the questions only for the way union management want and not you the people who pay them. A union can be worse than many company managements.

    Consider also an employee association which can speak for employees. Also you can go for a contract basis employment if they’ll accept and then you know your working for the term and how much your making. It can include additional payment for extra hours, extra duties, extra travel whatever you want, so long as both parties agree.

    A union may seem to be the answer but personally after having been in one and seen the problems, I am very wary of such now. There are alternatives but you’ll have to explore to see what will suit.


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