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How do you make money when you have no income?

The answer is not to get an income, you must make money without getting an income or selling anything!

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10 Responses to “How do you make money when you have no income?”

  1. Spirit*Girl said :

    if you know are you gong to let us in your secret?

  2. Kandy G said :

    robbery not that I’m suggesting it I think.

  3. Lindylou said :

    How do you do that its the 64000 dollar question

  4. elfgarden7 said :

    good luck with that one – let us in if you figure it out.

  5. yavadaviadoo said :


  6. willow said :

    I’m gonna give online bingo a go.

  7. fftlandmcrfan said :

    Fill out all the free scrach cards you get in the post.xD
    Acutally some people do just live off entering competitions from magazines they enter loads and eventally win some.

  8. ♫ Mad Luv ♫ said :

    barter… sounds like a great system for me!
    if i need food i ask the food mart if i can do something to get x amount of food!

    if i want clothing how long do i have to work to get this outfite!
    will you do it?

    if i need cleaning supplies as a dollar store if they need help with something and barter it out!

    or paint picutres and trade them in for food at a restarunt or some other company!

    there your making no income but you have your basic needs! other then shelter
    at that point i would call up walmart and ask what you can do to buy a tent and go live in a warm climent!

  9. missy said : – 100% free and you can make a few extra bucks.

  10. theosharatos said :

    There is a way that most people don’t know about. It’s called referral business and it works well for me since I got burned out and lost money on those other companies that I had to keep an inventory with or I would never get paid. Jennifer


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