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How do you get money back when improperly charged too many times?

My girlfriend just got an insurance policy from diamond, and they’ve charged her 5 times in one go!!

The thing is they say they have no record of this, how can she get this money back?

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3 Responses to “How do you get money back when improperly charged too many times?”

  1. zanderoy said :

    If it’s payed by direct debit the bank can recover the over payments

  2. selina.evans said :

    She must have evidence of having been over charged or she would not know about it..either a bill or receipt or else her bank paid it out and she can ask them for a printout of the transaction, make a copy of whatever evidence there is and send it to the company; telephone and ask for the name of the person you are out through to, write it down, tell them the evidence is in the post and you will call again in two days to make sure that is has been received, if it has not then you will scan it into your computer and send it to their email address..and phone the next morning to check that someone has bothered reading it and passed it along to be dealt with. if you are told that it will take a few days to sort out then make a point of telephoning after three days for an update..always asking to speak to the same person or, if they are “out”, to that person’s superior. They must have a record of some sort, if only with their bankers, of receiving these payments and you are going to have to motivate someone to find that can take a while and you may have to get a little sneaky. telephone at different times of day; ask when it will suit them for you and your girlfriend to come in to discuss the matter with an accountant in their employment..or anyone else who can actually find things out..eventually, if they have the money, they will cave and actually do their jobs.

  3. car253 said :

    Give them a copy of her bank statement showing the charges. They should reimburse her.


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