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How do you get a bank account if you have bad credit rating?

I want to start selling on ebay, however you need a credit or debit card to be able to sell things. I have tryed to open a bank account but due to poor credit rating i am unable to.
Is there another way that people with poor credit rating open bank accounts

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8 Responses to “How do you get a bank account if you have bad credit rating?”

  1. Ya-sai said :

    I thought anyone could open a bank account, but they can’t get a loan

  2. coolkebab said :

    Woolwich do a basic account with a Visa Electron card that is Pay pal compatible.
    You only need 2 proofs of address and they don’t do a credit check.

  3. absolutmex said :

    you can have someone else that you trust open the bank accoun on their name. once the account has been opened they can add you on the account. once they add you to the account they can make you the primary of the account. eventually you can have them removed from the account totally. good luck!

  4. tasha said :

    Some banks does Credit checks which will cause you not to receive a checking account, but you can open a savings account, and the trick is to opedn a checking account you need to have something direct deposit ex: check, child support etc… or basically something that is gonna come every month, once you get the checking account open you can request not to have direct deposit or just keep it coming.

  5. DEL'S WIFE said :

    The only way to be able to get a credit or debit card, is to clean up your credit. That’s the only way to do it. The only type of account that you can open with bad credit, is a savings account that i know of. I hope that you get your credit on track and back in good standing so that you can and will be the greatest e-bay seller out there; GOOD LUCK!

  6. lemongrass said :

    To start selling on eBay, you need to have either a checking account or a credit card.

    This is what you can do. Goto these 2 websites, and look for “prepaid credit cards”. If you are from outside the US, then enquire your local banks if they carry “prepaid credit cards”.

    Prepaid credit cards work like this. You put in your own money into the credit card. The amount of money you put usually becomes your credit limit. Because you are putting in your own money and the credit limit is tied to the money you have put in, so there’s no risk to the bank or card issuer. Therefore, they won’t check your credit rating.

    As time goes by, and if you are a good paymaster, the bank or card issuer may choose to increase your credit limit.

    This is also one way to improve or repair your credit rating. Show that over a long period of time that you are a good paymaster. Then you will be able to apply for a normal credit card or a checking account.

  7. Edward J said :

    If you have screwed the banks before, then you are probably on Chex Systems. They get reports from banks that you have bounced checks on, for instance, & not made good on them. Not all banks use Chex Systems, call around, tell the banks your situation, & maybe you can find one that will help you.

  8. gpatrick900 said :

    In the U.S.
    Here what I found out.

    Some banks check credit for checking accounts
    Some banks check credit for checking accounts & Debit cards
    Other banks just check telcheck or cheksystem for bad checks.

    5/3 bank will open some account with checksystem but they have closed active accounts with people on checksystem from other banks.

    Just keep looking for banks. I am sure you will find one that will give you a checking account with a debit card.

    U.S. bank does have second chance checking account but I don’t know if it comes with a debit card.


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