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How do student loans affect a mortgage applicaton?

I have $60,000 in various student loans, but since consolidating my combined payment is only $300/month. I have no other debt. Do lenders view student loan debt differently due to the flexibility of the loans? Also, would they look more at the total amount of the debt or the monthly payment when determining the rate and loan amount?

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4 Responses to “How do student loans affect a mortgage applicaton?”

  1. mar c said :

    it’s the loan…they do not care who you owe it to

  2. San Diego Art Nut said :

    Your best answers will come from a mortgage lender or a loan officer at a bank. It will really depend on many factors that may be regional or temporal.

  3. jlf said :

    Yes, it is viewed differently than, say, credit card debt. They look to see if the loans are in good standing and what your monthly payments are.

  4. nidia said :

    With 20 years experience in the mortgage business, I have never seen a student loan that was in repayment treated any differently than any other long term debt. While you may be able to ask for a hardship deferal in the future, which is the only advantage on a student loan that doesn’t exist on a standard installment loan, no lender wants to anticipate that circumstance. As long as the payments extend past 10 months in the future, the lender will only use your monthly payment as part of your qualifying ratios. The total debt is not that important and would only be a minor factor. What will matter more is your payment history on the student loan: it should be perfect. It all comes down to the quality of your credit history (your FICO score) and your qualifying ratios of debt/income.

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