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how do i start on line forex trading?

I have never traded online, inshort I am a greenhorn but i have a great interest in this investment type

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4 Responses to “how do i start on line forex trading?”

  1. Common Sense said :

    Go to:

    First things you need to know about Forex Trading;
    90% of all new traders into FX lose close to (if not all) of their “investment accounts” in 90 days or less. Many of these people have years of trading experiance. You don’t.

    FX Brokers are terrible. All of them. Your job is to find the least worst for the type of investing you plan to do.
    Check out the broker reviews on:

    Don’t put a penny into the FX market for a year. Take that time to learn everything you can.

    Look back at this “answer” one year from now.

    Consider yourself warned.

  2. Harry B said :

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  3. f r said :

    The reason that some predict that Mark Vincellete will be on the cover of Time magazine is because of his brilliant strategy he developed for the Forex market. He is revolutionizing investing. Making huge amounts of money and retiring young is not just for hedge fund managers. Soon to be a Forex industry standard investors following this program have been making unheard of returns. I have not seen anything like this. Due to compliance issues I cannot reveal the returns on investment but when you demo the program you will see for yourself. Once you see the power of the program you will confidentially tell everyone you know about it. That is why the company is growing 40% a month by word of mouth and has traders in 81 countries. This is a Forex hedge strategy that reduces the risk in this emerging market and anyone can invest because of its simplicity. It takes about 10-20 minutes a week to manage your account. You can follow the strategy with play money until you see how it works and are comfortable with investing. Don’t take me word for it though. Research the strategy. Watch the video presentation on the site below. It will explain everything through the video. Best Regards

    RULE OF 72
    $5,000 @ 12% a month = 1.2 million in 4 years. 19 million in 6 years.

  4. khuram678 said :

    I know exactly what you need…

    I have been trading successfully for 1 year now, and its because of the 12MinuteFX, its a free course, link below


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