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How do I pick an accountant?

What factors should I consider when trying to pick an accountant? This year I got married, bought a house, my wife is in graduate school, and I am repaying my school loans, so I am expecting to make out pretty well tax wise and would like to get a start on the impending tax season.
Also, are “chain” accountants like H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt any better/worse than local accountants? Is it better to work with a smaller accountant from whom I can get personal service?

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6 Responses to “How do I pick an accountant?”

  1. alex said :

    I think your situation is straightforward enough that you could just compare their fees and go with the lowest. It’s not like you have businesses or trusts or other complex situations. So, don’t pay up for a superstar when any average accountant can handle it.

  2. Wayne Z said :

    I know people that work for Block that know more about taxes than anyone. I also know people that work for Block that screw up relatively easy returns. I have seen CPA’s that grossly undercharge and I have seen some that grossly overcharge. Find someone you like and who explains things well and who has more than a couple years experience under his or her belt. Your return isn’t the most complex but it also isn’t the easiest.

  3. skip said :

    Wayne Z is right. You might find it helpful to make an itemized list of income and expenses. Your question actually gives you a pretty good start. Then attach some figures to them. That wil allow a CPA, Enrolled Agent or a chain preparer to give you an estimate. Seek quotes now, before we all get insanely busy.

  4. Kitty said :

    Stay away from the chain accountants. !!! H & R really did a number on us and we had numerous amendments to do because of their lack of knowledge with business !

    Ask around … AND I mean ask around local businesses … do not ask the dipshit down the road that you know is evading taxes somehow, or the guy who constantly complains about paying taxes and the government!! You want to do things right so later you don’t need a tax attorney to defend a mess some halfass accountant got you into. : )

    It is definitely worth it to pay someone smarter than you to work for you when it comes to tax prep.

    We found ours by asking around and then going there to basically talk to him. We had a good feeling with him. He even handled an IRS call that had us crapping our pants but he took over and told them where the bear shlts in the woods !! What a guy !!

    CHeck out a few before making your decision. Make sure you are comfortable and he/she proves they are more knowledgeable than YOU with the taxes!

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