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How do I pay cash into my online bank account?

I recently oponed an account with Smile the online bank and I need to pay cash into it, so how do I go about doing that since they dont have any physical bank buildings?

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8 Responses to “How do I pay cash into my online bank account?”

  1. ascoile said :

    You can pay cash into any bank but some may charge you to do the transfer into your bank
    By the way, Smile is part of the Co-op bank and they do have branches.

  2. Acka said :

    There are paying in slips in the back of the cheque book.

    Smile is owned by the co-op

    call 0870 (THE BANK) 843 2265 if you’ve got any general enquiries

  3. simbar said :

    Im not sure but arent smile part of the post office? If they are you should be able to pay in at any post office over the counter. If not, then you will have to pay it into another bank account and send smile a cheque.

  4. Roddy S said :
    It says the post office or any bank branch -however, some banks charge for this.

  5. Zwinky said :

    They should have sent you a pay in giro slip, which you can hand over at the post office or a bank but they may charge you. Or if you have another account with a branch, pay it in and transfer it accross.

    Thats the bother with these internet banks, they give you good rates but it isnt easy banking without a branch!


  6. Jan G said :

    probably by transferring funds, from one bank institution to smile. Probably call the 800 number; and you can give them a debit card number, or a checking account number.

  7. patricia bstarstruck said :

    You can pay cash in to your smile account at any post office I do it this way
    As mentioned You can also pay in at any Co-op Bank.

  8. Belladona Spear said :

    If you need to use a branch you can use any co-op bank branch as they are part of the co-op. you can also pay it in at any post office.
    btw it’s free to use co-op branches or post office


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