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How do I go about getting a loan to pay of some pay day loans?

I am buried in pay day loans and don;t know how to get out from under them and my credit is pretty poor, anyone have suggestions as what to do? or where to turn?

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6 Responses to “How do I go about getting a loan to pay of some pay day loans?”

  1. thale138 said :

    just dont pay off the payday loans, no one but an idiot would set foot in those places, except to work there, and even then its not a good thing.

  2. parsonsel said :

    try a loan consolodation and credit counseling service in your area. Look in the phone book. You might be able to find one that’s non-profit that won’t charge you as much.

  3. Disillusioned said :

    Suck it up and pay them off. You’ll have to do without some luxuries for a little while but the only way to get around them is to pay them and not go back for another.

  4. [email protected] said :

    If you dont qualify for a conventional loan then you are stuck paying off the pay day loans until you’re done. Why did you get more than one? I admit to using them from time to time when things get tough or I need money right away, but never more than one because the fee’s are high. You have to pay them because they deduct it from your account, so I suggest a second job, anything to make quick money to pay them off.

  5. TMH said :

    Your best bet would be to stop borrowing money. If you can’t afford to purchase things, then don’t borrow. Especially from Payday Loan type places – they are basically legalized loan sharking. Since you are already in deep, I would suggest going to a credit counseling company. They can set you up on repayment plans with lower interest rates.

  6. OMAYRA M said :

    Go to a bank you like, and ask for a loan to pay them off Pay day loans have high interests . There is always a bank who has loan officer or mortgage broker who are willing to help you. They work for comission. A mortage Broker can look in the internet and get the best program loan for you. Get a loan and pay all your debts off. And you could be making just one payment intead of multiples payments. Good luck to you.


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