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How do I go about finding clients for mortage loans?

I’m a freelance mortage loan officer for Freedom Mortage. My success lies square with my finding my own clients to refinance, purchase or invest. We offer debt conslidation and cash back. I am able to do loans any where nation wide. I’ve been cold calling but no one calls back. HELP!

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10 Responses to “How do I go about finding clients for mortage loans?”

  1. Quality Seamless said:

    Try networking with area realtors.

  2. fastcarceo25 said:

    Wrong time to be in that industry, the last 5 years have been wonderful however. With interest rates rising, nobody wants to refi and most people don’t want a pricey mortgage. You need to find something to do until this market swings back. My recommendation, team up with realtor’s in your area.

  3. Orthodox_Ted said:

    I think people do not need adjustable rate mortgages which last only 6 months.

    Advertise excellent products and service and the business will come – except that now may be a slow time due to all the refinancings that have taken place.

  4. misterpoopoocaca said:

    Join a large church with like 20,000 members. If you can just get 1% of that business, you will do well. It’s my same analogy that if I can just sell every chinaman in china just one que-tip, I would be a millionaire.

  5. cinderjo said:

    Wine and dine realtors, they are your main source for referals. You have to prove yourself first! Always be on top of things, contact clients everyweek to update them. You need to build yourself a good reputation, then it’s all gravy after that.

    You can also do some educational classes, I found that counceling people with bad credit gives you customers for life. And their business.

  6. cc said:

    i’m looking into buying a home. maybe you could help me

  7. Quietman40 said:

    There is a service your office can subscribe to; THEY do the cold calls, and you are guaranteeed to get someone interested in working with you, on every call. AND you will be the 1st one they talk to, not the 8th or 9th. It costs between $50-$80 a pop. Drop me a note and I will find out the name of it. I just don’t have it where I am right now.

  8. cgmaker said:

    My clients come to me to design a leads site to get visitors to fill out a quick free quote form. I also get the site ranked in the search engines and that usually does the trick.

  9. Joan W said:

    I need to refinance my home and land. But our credit sucks can you help?

  10. peterpfann said:

    Jessie James Answered the question
    “why do you rob banks?” as follows
    “because that is where the money is”

    The same applies to mortgages, in order to find the best possible source for mortgages you need to be in touch with not just realtors, but the best possible realtors you can find in your area.

    How do you go about that, well another famous person had a good answer to this:

    If you want to become a millionaire, you need to take millionares for lunch.

    Here are my suggestions;

    Talk to all the real estate office managers in your target market area and see if you can present a free 30 minute training class to all the agents in the office and your topic will be something like “how Realtors make more money using creative financing”

    at the traing class collect all the busness cards and enter them in your pim (personal information management software) and commit to follow up with all of them at least 2 time per month with information that will make realtors more money in less time, rate sheets and feature sheets will not cut it.

    In addition you are going to search out the top agents in your area and invite them individually for a meeting or lunch and ask them a whole bunch of questions about how they have succeeded in their business and what they would recommend you do and not to do, offer to do services and assist them in any way posssible and then ask what you would have to add to the agents marketing advantage to earn his/her referrals.

    Read the book millionaire real estate agent by Gary Keller and you will understand how to go about systemizing your business as well as understand how top agents function and operate, that way you can value to their business and earn theirs.

    GoOd Luck


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