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How do I get a property tax rebate ?

Depending on the state you live in, you can obtain property tax rebate based on your income and other factors if your local government offers property tax relief programs. If you would like to receive a rebate with such programs, you should understand the eligibility requirements before you begin your application process.

Programs that offer property tax rebate usually provide a standard amount for all homeowners within the same state. However, in some cases when the standard amount is less than the amount they pay for property taxes, these homeowners would receive a rebate that is equal to their full payment.

You have to consider your personal income and ensure it does not exceed the limit listed on the eligibility requirements needed to obtain a property tax rebate. Most states consider the income of both the property owner and his or her spouse for the current tax year. You can also check with your local tax office and see if you’re designated to get a rebate when you have already received one during the last tax year. If you have not moved from your property and have received a rebate after paying your property taxes in full for the previous year, you are automatically designated to obtain a rebate check without having the need to apply for a new one.

Most property tax rebate programs require anyone who wishes to get a rebate to provide a certification that the property is theirs. If you own a single property wherein you live in, this is considered your primary residence, while if you own multiple properties, the one where you are registered to vote or listed in your driver’s license and other personal information is the one considered as your primary residence.

To receive a tax rebate on time, make sure you apply for it on time. In most states, the sooner you apply for a property tax rebate, the sooner you’ll receive the check. Be aware that some programs require you to pay taxes on the rebate itself, so make sure to consult with a tax expert before filing your application.

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