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how do i get a proper job in finance an accounting field?

just graduate 2.2 honor degree in accounting and finance mgt. cant find a job yet. i know that degree is just a paper, i am eager to learn learn and progress,any informations?

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7 Responses to “how do i get a proper job in finance an accounting field?”

  1. The_Good_Girl said :

    did u have an internship? have a good resume and sell yourself. if there is one company you want to work for call them up and meet with someone and see if there are jobs. good luck

  2. Grandfather said :

    work for one of the big four audit firm as a start

  3. dhfman999 said :

    You must call every company that could have a job for you and talk to the boss(decision maker). Get a meeting for advice if they are’nt hiring for future possibilities(networking) do it 500 times.

  4. retarded_question_man said :

    It’s the catch 22 of life. No experience, no hire. You should have done an internship while in college you dumbasss instead of smoking all of that weed. Plus, don’t you know that a job in either of those fields will make you a very miserable person and lead you to drinking and hating your life and kicking your dog? Accountants are the stupiest people on the planet. I hope all accounting jobs go to India.

  5. Firefly said :

    You really need as much work experience as possible. Perhaps run around a temping agency for some work.

  6. Mitch said :

    You need to do some networking and pass the CPA exam.
    Become a member of the AICPA.

    I’m not sure how a 2.2 GPA gives you an honor degree though.
    Can you clarify that?

  7. Ian Rummerfield said :



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