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How do I find the best credit card for my credit rating?

I have a credit card but want to transfer the balance as I’m paying a fortune in interest. I got this card when I had a bad credit rating. Now my credit rating is average according to experian so how can I find the best credit card to transfer to which I will be accepted for? I don’t want to apply for cards which I won’t be accepted for because it will bring down my rating.

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3 Responses to “How do I find the best credit card for my credit rating?”

  1. Jamie said :

    There’s no way to tell unless you apply, I have exactly the same problem, I bet you have a capital one card and they recently put up the APR to 40%!!!

  2. Andy said :

    Easy fix to the problem.

    As credit is easing and the economy is getting better, there is a new card from Capital One that does a balance transfer in 48 hours. You don’t even need great credit and it’s 0% APR until March 2011 so that’s a sweet deal.

    It’s the first card listed at

  3. Mo said :

    If you have a Trans Union FICO (please note…REAL FICO score!) of about 700 & up, little or NO inquiries, & a fairly clean report (No new bad tradelines. Newest shouldn’t be newer than about 5.5 years), the Nationwide Visa is a great card. You get a 0% interest balance transfer for 6 months & the top BT fee is $75. Depending on the amount to transfer, yours could be substantially less to x-fer.

    When I got my card, my credit card utilization was at 48% & they gave me a 10k card!

    I am extremely happy with it.


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