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How do i find out which bank a repossessed property is for sale with?

I dont believe that the estate agents are putting forward our offers to thew bank and seem to be mucking us around.
We would like to go straight to the bank with our offer!!

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2 Responses to “How do i find out which bank a repossessed property is for sale with?”

  1. Kernow Lady said :

    The banks will not accept your offer direct, and Estate Agents have to by law put through all offers. The banks would not deal with a dodgy firm of Estate Agents.

  2. AnYingJie said :

    The estate agent may not be being very efficient,
    likewise the bank may be handling things on a less than interested basis (by uninterested employees)

    but legally, the agent has to put forward all offers,
    and there is no reason to think that there is a benefit in not doing so.

    You should however ask a direct question of the Estate agent such as
    ‘ what is the problem with getting a reply to our offer’
    and if they are vague, as them to get in touch and get a specific answer from their contact. If I was in their offices, I would politely ask ‘if they could do it now, as I was already present’ and press them as to why not, of they wont.

    If the bank has no one available, ask the agent to get a commitment for a time of a call back from the bank etc. i.e. start driving the dialogue with key events/milestones.

    The answer may come back, that bank is waiting for al loffers, the person is off etc etc.. which indeed may be the estate agents problem also. BUT the estate agents next task is to pin th ebank down for a committed response timescale. And you need to encourage/support the estate agent in getting that.


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