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How do free newspapers make money apart from advertising? Are there other streams of revenue?

The Evening Standard (in London) paper recently turned into a free publication. I understand that they did this as they believe the increased revenue from advertising (due to rise in readership levels) will be more than previously received with the cover price. Can they make money in other ways apart from advertising whilst being a free paper?
Agent, thanks for your take. I appreciate it. It will be interesting to see if the national papers go down the same route in the future. I guess it will depend ultimately on their readership volumes and moves taken by competitors.

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3 Responses to “How do free newspapers make money apart from advertising? Are there other streams of revenue?”

  1. agent4927 said :

    No – that is basically the business model of all free newspapers – they need to get all their revenue from advertising.

    The reason they have done it now is 1) because Murdoch has pulled out of the fray – no more free London Paper (and ultimately probably no more London Lite that is also published by the same stable) 2) circulation of the paid for version had declined dramatically and 3) the editorial content of the Standard is better than the other free newspapers so they are read by a wider socio economic group that is more attractive to advertisers so in theory they can charge more for advertising in it than in the other freesheets.

  2. vlad said :

    they use several other instruments for income: lottery games, paid publications, sms games, getting sponsorships and donations…

  3. Col.Custer said :

    There money is made strictly from advertisments.


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