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How do forex options affect forex market?

Anybody can tell me how forex options affect forex market? Do they actually affect the market only when they are exercised? Does an exercise of a forex option occur at the same time as a sell-off of the option? (My understanding is that when an option expires, you have to exercise it then sell it to make profit)
OK, for more clarification, my understanding is that, when an option is exercised, you open a position at the stated price. But I don’t know if the opened position has to be closed immediately. Correct me if I am wrong.

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One Response to “How do forex options affect forex market?”

  1. Kiker said :

    Typically, what happens is you will be given the difference between the strike price and the current market price, as clearly the Writer of the Option cannot physically deliver a curreny pair at an older, lesser price than the market. So they owe to indemnify you, or place in you in a financial position similar to that as if you have the currency pair at the current market value.
    Now as for option contracts, YOU DO NOT need to exercise them if they are about to expire. That would make no sense, as if they are ‘out-the-money’ you would lose money. A contract can expire, leaving you out the contract’s premium.

    Hope this helped


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