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how can you get releif from pay day loans?

is there any consalidation place that helps with them? i have so many i now cant pay my bills help…

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One Response to “how can you get releif from pay day loans?”

  1. bhararra said :

    sorry to hear of your problems! Lots of people get caught up in this mess. A company I know and trust is owned by a friend of mine named Dave Ramsey. While his company normally charges for many services, I’m sure they can give you an idea of the best way to get started in a breif call or e-mail. Dave also has a call in radio show weekdays where he answers questions without any charge and has an 800 number to reach him there. You can find more information about the show on his website. Here’s some contact info for you below. Even if your not in TN they can help. Dave has people nationwide.

    Counselor: Dave’s Team (The Lampo Group/Dave Ramsey’s Office)
    Address: 1749 Mallory Lane, Suite 100
    Brentwood,TN 37027
    Phone: 1-888-22-PEACE
    Email: [email protected]

    I really hope this helps you!! Please give them a call!!


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