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How can you get a credit card with really bad credit history?

Do you know of any where that lets you have a credit card even with REALLY bad credit history?

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8 Responses to “How can you get a credit card with really bad credit history?”

  1. Jaime D said :

    Get a secured credit card. You can go to a bank or credit union and get one. Basically you put up money up front, $300 to a $1,000 or even more to “secure” the credit card. Then they give it to you. If you spend $50 that month, you need to pay back $50 at the end of the month.

    After six months or so, if you have been good with it, then they will either convert it to a regular credit card or you can ask them to convert it. A secured credit card is your second chance to rebuild your credit, they report to the three credit bureaus each month.

  2. tex k said :

    straight answer is you can’t what you can get is a pre paid card which you load much the same as a pre pay mobile phone this then allows you to purchase items for example tickets on web sites that require a credit card but it will not allow you to exceed the amount credited to the card it is quite expensive because a charge is made every time you top it up .the card is QUIDITY I believe but they do advertise in national newspapers

  3. Rebecca P said :

    You could try getting a free credit report (experian), then search a price comparison website, but unless it’s life or death situation I really wouldn’t bother! The interest rates are ridiculous and if you’re anything like me, (no self control with money!), you will just want more and more credit – the banks don’t deserve to rob us of our hard earned cash!

  4. Jed said :

    You can check the Bad Credit section of

  5. Lily B Talus said :

    In the U.K. you can get a Vanquis credit card , but you only get £150.00 to spend and the interest is 39%

  6. rennickelizabe said :

    capitol one or vanquis

  7. Mike C said :

    You can have a list of services that meets your requirement and relevant articles to get credit card having bad credit history from

  8. Steve D said :

    You need to go a few months without flagging your credit report for missed payments on anything you owe, even small things like going into the emergency on your pre paid electric key meter goes against you. Then apply, but try not to apply for loads (1 or 2 a month) in one go or you’ll look desperate and it will have an adverse effect. Trust me, the slowly but patient route is the only way back in.


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