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How can the US bank wire funds to the Philippines?

According to a US bank , in order to wire our funds to the Philippines they need to wire the funds to the Philippine Bank Branch in US, and that Branch will wire the funds to the bank in the Philippines. How can the US bank wire funds to the Philippines? Please explain in terms of the following terms : Bank name and address, Bank ABA Number, Bank Account number and account name, and swift number. We are ask for the those details of the two Philippine banks. Anybody please help .

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One Response to “How can the US bank wire funds to the Philippines?”

  1. zeuz said :

    Permit me to describe what is happening. You have money in a US Bank (Call it “A”). You want to wire money to the Philippines bank (Call it “B”).

    A will not send money directly to B. A will send the money to a correspondent bank (Call it “C”). C is closely related to B through contractual agreements.

    So, here goes. You need to contact “B”. Ask them for their:

    – ABA number
    – SWIFT number
    – Address
    – Receiving bank account number
    – Name on receiving bank account number

    Also, ask B for the ABA number and SWIFT number of C.


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