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How can my credit scoring qualify for a Credit Card?

I have been denied a Credit Card the reason being credit scoring. How can I qualify for one or any suggestion where I can get one easily?

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5 Responses to “How can my credit scoring qualify for a Credit Card?”

  1. take two said :

    no debts

  2. drhomeloan said :

    yes, you can get a secured credit card from a bank. If you already have a bank account, call that bank and apply for a secured credit card. you might want to start with $100. then after you use the card and pay it off every month for 6 months. At the 6 month mark, request that the card become unsecured and use it and pay it off for another 6 months. Then request a limit increase, use it for another 6 months and then request another limit increse, etc.

    What is your ultimate credit goal?

    If you want to buy a house, then I recommend that you avoid taking on large debts like $50,000.00 auto loans.

    Smaller auto loans are better, especially when you have enough savings to pay off the balance after 6mos or 1 year.

    The credit game is very dangerous.

    I have $1600.00 in credit card payments and I don’t like it! I have excellent credit but what’s the point?

    There really is no benefit other than using credit cards for emergencies, but you still have to pay the money back!

    It’s smarter to save your own money then spend it wisely on smart investments like real estate.

    Smart investments are anthing that goes up in value over time.

    Dumb investments like cars are bad because the car does down in value over time.

    The irony is that the banks want you to buy dumb investments to establish credit. This is how they gurantee themselves customers forever. This is also why credit is such a big “mystery” for people.

  3. bella_4624_19 said :

    Crown Jewelers is a easy card. You have to make a purchase for it to show on your credit report. A lot of people have been able to get Hooters Mastercard. They are a sub prime lender so be aware of the APR. Also think about walmart, they will give out super low credit lines but it will show on your credit report.

  4. Richard B said :

    Capital one do a secured card where you can pay a deposit of up to £200. Officially you are spending your own money but every month Capital one tell experian or equifax your monthly payments are on time etc. This will build your credit history.
    Contact experian or equifax get a copy of your credit file.Tell them of any in correct information they then change it if any debts can be proved they have been paid. There is a company called Vanquis who offer unsecured credit cards. Pre-paid are good for convenience but do nothing for your credit rating as they are pre-paid. Try a search for creditsolutions on the net they do credit cards.

  5. Chris C said :

    If you have been denied because you have bad/poor credit, there are cards designed specially for rebuilding your credit scores. They usually have higher interest rate than that of regular credit cards. However the interest rates don’t really matter as long as you pay off the entire balance every month.

    Many of the cards such as those from Orchard Bank report to all 3 credit bureaus monthly, which can help you establish credit history and improve your credit scores. New Millennium Bank Gold Visa/MasterCard is also easy to get approved.


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