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How can I refinance my college school loans?

Actually it’s my girlfriend who needs her college loans refinanced. They’re about 60 thousand. Shes paying over $500 a month for her loan, and some of my friends have the same if not more of a total loan amount and they are paying hundreds of dollars lower a month. How can she get her loan refinanced to get a lower payment? Is this possible? Her current loan is through a company named Sallie Mae.

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2 Responses to “How can I refinance my college school loans?”

  1. bcyouletme said :

    She can try. You can consolidate loans together so the amount doesn’t change but the monthly payments are lower. Depending when she got them, my rate is around 3%, though I know they are higher now. You can’t really refinance a student loan. Have her call Sallie Mae or try Nelnet as well.

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