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How can I get a new account on ebay when my bank account is frozen?

I only have the one bank account, anyway of getting to re-use on ebay?

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3 Responses to “How can I get a new account on ebay when my bank account is frozen?”

  1. Steve F said :

    Get a new bank account and contact eBay to merge your user id details and verify your account once again

  2. insane_mad_maniak said :

    maybe you should be thankful, you could be one of those people who actually stop buying crap they dont need. lol

    i dont know if i should tell you but

    you will have to get a new account, any will do. and you wont be able to use your ebay account with the same email address, just set up a new one and use that.

  3. pollyrose1994 said :

    I had that problem through no fault of my own, i went into pay pal and took off the bank account thingy and put on my credit card details instead. It makes life much easier when one knows what to do. Now i can get what i like and stay in my budget and have the freedom of choice. Good luck ! By the way, paypal is brill and you can use it on most sites.


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