How can I find out if an old premium bond has won any money?

A friend of mine recently found an old premium bond given to him by his father and wants to know if it has won him any money. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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9 Responses to “How can I find out if an old premium bond has won any money?”

  1. delphiums said:

    Star from me cos i want to know too .

  2. Poppet said:

    I thought they just wrote to you to tell you. A friend of mine was just sent something in the post that she had to take to the post office or bank or something. If he’s moved then maybe try thr post office. They know EVERYTHING!

  3. Lynds said:

    he needs to enter the holders number at
    and it will tell him if he’s won anything!

  4. beanie said:

    Go onto the National Savings website – they have a function on there where you can check your premium bond numbers.

  5. Rodders said:

    Goto website and enter your holders number.

  6. f0xymoron said:

    Use this website:
    They have a page for unclaimed Premium Bonds if you have the bond number.

  7. phil m said:

    Go to the national savings and investment site (NS&I), look around their web page and you`ll finsd a link that will take you to past winners you can enter your ref no`s and it will check them, it only takes a few seconds, if you`ve lost your paperwork you can write to them and they will answer as they do not destroy records, address will be on their web site, however i`ve had mine for 46 yrs and never won a thing, but hey! good luck! There are approximately 43 billion tickets held by some 23 million people, work the odds out.

  8. kasiroy said: you will need your members number or your national insurance number

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