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How can I find a good accountant to help advise me on my s-corp?

I am a small business just starting out and am interested in finding a good accountant in Brooklyn,NY. I am looking for someone who knows the rules well enough to advise me how to maximize my deductions while still keeping it all legal. Most accountants I have met are either not very knowledgeable (I feel like I knew more then them) or are so concervative that they choose to be extra cautious even though law would allow more flexibility.

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5 Responses to “How can I find a good accountant to help advise me on my s-corp?”

  1. Akbar B said :

    Google it.

  2. Chris P said :

    Ask around to see if someone will refer you to a good accountant, or try the phonebook.

  3. CA DIVA said :

    I would ask everyone you know in business who they are using and then start calling with your list of questions. Most tax accountants are going to claim to be conservative but conservative does not always equal you paying the government more money. Also, if you feel an accountant is more cautious than your liking, go ahead and ask them if they can refer someone that might be more of a risk taker. They understand this is a relationship business and that accountant may push business their way.

  4. cindy1974ontario said :

    The accountant you choose may become your most valuable resource. Begin by selecting an accountant with a professional designation to ensure your accountant is fully trained for the financial tasks and projects ahead.

    Select an accountant whose services meet your needs.
    Accountants provide a wide range of services. You may require planning and preparation of financial statements or tax returns. You may require representation to bankers or the tax authorities. Prior to selecting your accountant, establish which services you will require.

    Select an accountant who can meet your needs on a short or long-term basis. Some accounting services, such as audits and tax returns, are short-term, recurring needs. Others, such as business development, will require a long-term commitment from your accountant. Select an accountant with whom you can meet conveniently.

    Although it may be convenient for your accountant to meet you at your home or office, the accountant’s billable time is likely to increase. Select an accountant that works in an accessible location.

    Select an accountant who can explain accounting in language you can understand.

    How much do you know about accounting? If your knowledge is limited, select an accountant who will be able to explain basic accounting concepts and terminology.

    When speaking to prospective accountants, consider
    their answers to the following five questions:
    1. Do you have prior work experience with my type
    of business?
    2. Can you provide references of clients in similar
    businesses to my own?
    3. What is your standard billing procedure, and can
    you provide me with an estimate?
    4. Who will do the routine work, yourself or other
    5. Are you open to seeking advice from outside
    experts on specialized business affairs?

    Select an accountant with whom you can speak freely—someone whose comments and suggestions indicate an understanding of your business, someone who both listens to and hears what you say. Select an accountant with whom you can develop a solid relationship based on mutual trust.

    The accountant you choose may become your
    most valuable resource.

    Summaried from Certified General Accountants brochure, “Selecting a Professional Accountant”

  5. mahmoud said :

    i can do some advice for you with free. just advice so you will still need an accountant,I’m CPA try to conatct me.
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