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How can i find a FOREX application for the PSP?

the psp is capable of so much more. obviously. my phone is silly and the app is poor whereas i cannot interact just get updates. im trying to acquire a hand held device, preferrably the psp because i already own it, to manage my forex account away from home.

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3 Responses to “How can i find a FOREX application for the PSP?”

  1. Georgina said :

    you can try Forex Funnel, Forex Autopilot and Forex Tracer

  2. Alone in the dark said :

    for info ; open the second & fourth link in:

  3. Sela M said :

    check your options in this site. it will lead you to a leading forex broker that can provide you the facility to trade forex via iphone, smartphone, psp or pda. basically, you can get access to currency and commodities markets and execute your trades from wherever you are in the world using your favorite gadget. all the best.


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