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How can a 14 year old make money?

I want to earn money to buy myself a few things. Not much, but some. I’d usually borrow the money off my parents and pay it back in pocket money, but my Dad lost his job a few weeks back and money’s been tight since. There are no jobs available, no one on our street needs their lawn cutting, or their dog walking etc. I’ve got nothing to sell at a car boot sale or on Ebay. Is there any other way I could earn money?

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6 Responses to “How can a 14 year old make money?”

  1. Olivia L said :


  2. Cutie Erica said :

    A bunch of ways become a newspaper boy or maybe make a car wash business with your friends that would be fun. Or maybe you and your family could do garage sale? hope this helps : P

  3. linda a said :

    Not legally. Thank the 8 years of Republicans running our country.

  4. zaboomafoo said :

    maybe you can get a job as a dishwasher or something at a restaraunt, they usually hire people who are 14 to do those kinds of things.

  5. Klepto said :

    well what else are u good at?…for a start, i’m good with computers…so i started a computer-repair service..check my website

    i’ve only just started it, so it’s pretty basic..but it brings in quite a bit of money on good days, alternative is if u’ve got great club music and some massive speakers, do some DJing, get soemthign like PCDJ Dex or soemthing for free n try it out = kaching! easy money! and fun, i’ve been doign that since i was like 12.

    otherwise just do people’s homework for them for a few bucks hahaha, that’s always a good one! 😉 make sure u do ur own homework too tho.

    oh yeah, and a real easy way to make some seriously easy quick money is to pick a reli busy parking lot, and offer car cleaning for a few bucks, u’d be suprised how much dosh u’ll make on that, what helps also is if u get some girls in bikinis to help u out 😉 everyone loves that, i made £160 doing that for 3 hrs in town once, i got 4 girls, friends of mine (obv picked wisely) and charged £5 for carwash and an extra £5 for wiping down the interiors… 🙂 try that!

  6. Kimberly said :

    are u good at any school subjects?if u are maybe u could charge by the hour to tutor students $5 an hour sounds resonable do u have a hobby(skateboarding,surfing)?if u are u could teach people how to do it and charge $7 an hour you can save all the change you get/find it’ll add up cause i’ve been doing it and i’ve got over $50 in it and you can recycle each can is 5 cents each you can ask ur parents,neighbors,family,and friends to save all their cans


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