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Has anyone used the Forex system to make money?

If so what was the minimum you invested and did it work for you? Was the system easy to learn and use?

Thanks everyone.

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8 Responses to “Has anyone used the Forex system to make money?”

  1. Dzo said :


    Forex trading does wonders if you make your moves wisely. You can check out for some valuable tips on prudent investment in forex. Good luck!

  2. Jonathan said :

    This strategy is completely amazing. You will be hearing of it very soon. Right now its taking the investment world by storm growing 40% a month. But since it cost 100 a month I wouldn’t reccomend anything under a 1000 because you pay 10% of your account a month so you would have to make 10%+ a month. That sounds ridiculous but they have averaged 15% a month since they started. I still wouldn’t risk it with 1000 though. Email me and I would be glad to answer any questions for you. Watch the video presentation on the site below.

    Jonathan Stevens

  3. Shabby dude said :

    Minimum Requirement for forex is 255 USD, and yes it worked for me, Even I am still a trader in FX, System is very easy and easy to learn,
    It works on two Fundamentals

    Download metatrader4 from and start demo account of 5000 USD, and learn

    Hope to have another trader in this Sea.Cheers

  4. Click Here said :

    Believe me dear. Forex is very very risky.Do someting that is safe, you can start with a little amonut.

  5. Vipguy said :

    I have played the Forex markets for many years. I have lost money and I have made money. Making “money with money” is not always as easy as it seems. The Forex markets are now officially the largest markets in the world. The figure I heard quoted was $2.7 trillion per day – that’s big!

    When you trade in the Forex markets most of you trades will fail. I have heard it said that 70% lose. However, the good news is that the other 30% give you the returns you want. In order to succeed you need discipline and patience and sometimes nerves of steel. These are qualities few investors have. I use the word “investor” but what many people say about the Forex markets is that you are a “speculator” not an investor. How this definition is arrived at I do not know but it may be something to do with the fact that a “speculator” seeks quick profits whereas an investor looks more at the long term.

    NEVER trade these markets unless you have the money to lose. It is true to say the Forex markets offer opportunities for potential gains unparalled with other investment instruments but remember just as you have the opportunity on the one had for profit on the obverse side of the coin you have the chance of LOSS. If you play the Forex markets right you can make it to the million mark. That’s not false promise.

    Is it difficult? Before investing in any market it is important to understand the market you are in. Ever heard the saying “fools rush in”? In 1986 I was badly burned on the London options markets. Why? Because I did not understand a thing and left it to someone else to make the trades.

    There are 2 main ways you can trade the Forex markets:

    1. Options
    2. Spread betting

    Options – (derivatives markets) do take some time to understand. They are in the form of “puts” and “calls”. You need to determine the way you think the market will.

    Spread betting – this has come to the fore in recent years mainly via the advent of the internet. It is far easier than options trading. You merely determine if you want a market to move “UP” or “DOWN” and place an amount per “point”.

    Example: I look at the financial papers one day and believe that the Euro will rise against the Dollar. I go for an “up” bet on the dollar. I then determine how much I wish to place – let’s assume it’s £10 per point. If I am right and the Euro does appreciate against the dollar it’s whatever the price movement x my stake:

    £10 a point
    Movement: 50 points
    Profit: £500

    Many people will tell you that the Forex markets are for the “professionals” or people with “know-how”. This is nonsense! Trading the Forex markets is like anything else. You can actually learn the way trades are made and educate yourself. Do you really think anyone is “born” with expertise?

    The first step is to educate yourself. I cannot stress this enough. If you walk into something “blind” you are bound to fail. If lawyers, accountants and other professionals train for years then don’t think you” understand the market in a few weeks. This takes time. With patience and dedication you can succeed. The fun part about learning the basic of Forex is that the markets never tire, never wear out and are always constantly moving. This provides the astute Forex trader with new opportunities FOREVER!

    I recommend these sites: – investment guru

    For trading: – have details for the new trader!

    Good luck with your trading!

  6. katerschenko said :

    Yes, you can make money. I have been doing it for ten years.
    There is no one system, you have to practise and find a system which will work for you.You will achieve that by reading and understanding economies,world news and a thousand and one little things which may or may not affect the forex markets.You will arrive at a view as to where you think the market is going [ sometimes you will be completely wrong, other times completely right ].When your view is wrong you have to have the mental fortitude to accept you are wrong and get out before the market takes you out!
    Remember at all times markets are erratic and not human. Humans are emotional and ,in general, stable.
    FINALLY BE CAREFUL WITH SOME [not all] OF THE SITES MENTIONED here as they are identity theft and nigerian scammers. No software will make you consistent money.

  7. Yvonne L said :

    Invest in Forex is a high risk investment hub. The money is not guaranteed for the investor. Even in a few minutes you can lost hundred of thousand dollars. By the way the high risk equal high profit.

  8. Ed said :

    well with the disappearance of the European currencies, Currency trading has become either a big winner or a big loser. competition is stronger now as the wealth are moving amongst lower number of currencies


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