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Has anyone ever recieved a loan off pathway finance?

I keep getting a call saying my loan for £2000 has been accepted after investigations but I am reluctant to send them the £45 if people have never received money off them. So please anyone who has/hasn’t received money let me know.

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3 Responses to “Has anyone ever recieved a loan off pathway finance?”

  1. Modern Major General said :

    Never pay cash for the setting up of a loan. The only time a fee is warranted is where the loan is a mortgage secured on your property, and administrative costs are involved. Pathway sound like a shonky outfit to me – they are a brokerage, and as such are paid by the finance companies they link you up with; consequently, the charges are levied at the time the loan is completed, and not as a precursor to an application being considered.

  2. esmerelda v said :

    They just wnt your £45.

  3. Tom's Granddaughter said :

    I’m just thinking this Rev John sounds iffy to me, I am always getting e-mails from Rev this and the other.
    I would Not contact this person it sounds to good to be true.
    Give your details and your bank account will be empty.
    Please be aware of scams going on.
    Please for goodness sake use you heads over this, you will end up in more of a mess.


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