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Forex seems to be more difficult to profit than the stock market?

I trade stocks regularly but was wondering if anyone found Forex more appealing than trading the DOW, NYSE or NASDAQ? Also, has anyone profited more than they thought they would? Please no answers trying to sell me your proven methods. Thanks.
Poloman1690, thank you for your honest answer and the link.

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3 Responses to “Forex seems to be more difficult to profit than the stock market?”

  1. Dom said :

    Tough question. Pretty much you are just speculating which way the currency will go without any true analysis.

    Go ahead and give me the thumbs down but there are no earnings or financial statements to make an educated guess. Sure there will be some who make money at this moment but who knows about the future. Someone could think that selling crack is a great investment but they will get burnt at some point.

  2. saj_km said :

    You have to work on the area you focus atleast for an year and then it will be easiar. Without professional skill developed, you will lose your money certainly.

  3. Harold Hsu said :


    Personally, I prefer Forex trading because unlike stocks, currencies are unlikely to go ‘bust’.

    You can take the time to familiarize yourself with a particular stock, reading and analyzing its financial statements, but once it goes bankrupt, you’d have to start all over again with another stock.

    Just my humble two cents. 🙂


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