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Easy to get credit cards? or one of those pay day loans? ?

I’m having trouble coming up with cash to start holiday shopping just wondering if there are easy to get credit cards (without a ton of fees) or one of those pay day loans? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

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7 Responses to “Easy to get credit cards? or one of those pay day loans? ?”

  1. Still for Clinton! said :

    Stay far away from the payday loans! They trap you into robbing peter to pay paul!

  2. x3_d_e_s said :

    Yes, if you have a saving account. If you have at least $100 dollars or more in a savings account then usually your bank will let you get a credit card backed by your checking/saving account. The more that you have in the bank to start the more they will give you as a credit limit, so go in right after you have made a big deposit.

  3. drmeric said :

    Don’t spend money you don’t have.

  4. BG said :

    You can get a credit card (if your credit is good) that does not have fees. Start with your bank if you don’t have a cc. They are typically more willing to give you a cc than applying elsewhere. Payoff your bill in full when due or pay the minimum. Be sure to pay on time (or ahead of time) to build/preserve credit.

    Don’t go to Payday Loan Stores. These outfits fly under the radar of legality and are the closest thing to legal loan sharking that we have. They charge a super-high interest rate on such a small loan.

    Next year, put away a small amount of money each week. Five dollars per week through the end of October will yield a principle of $220.00 for Christmas. Ten dollars per week will yield $440.00.

    Good luck to you and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

  5. Mel M said :

    If you have good credit, you will be able to find a credit card without tons of fees that you can use. Try checking to see the places offering the best deals.

    Regarding payday loans, I agree with everyone else who said stay away from them. They are way too expensive. In addition, payday loans have to be paid back in a short period of time, such as two weeks or a month. If you’re planning to do some holiday shopping and want to pay later, this type of loan isn’t going to help you since it will come due so quickly.

    Since there is still some time before the holidays, see if you can set aside some cash in your savings account (or in an envelope if you don’t have a savings account) on a weekly basis. See if there are simple things you can eliminate, like fast-food lunches or sodas from the pop machine, to help increase your weekly savings.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

  6. GSG said :

    It’s easy to get credit cards with no fees at the website below.

  7. Easy To Get Credit Cards said :

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