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Does going to an accountant really maximize your refund?

I’ve often heard peers bragged about how their accountants have maximized their refunds. I’ve never gone to an accountant before, have always done my taxes on my own.

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5 Responses to “Does going to an accountant really maximize your refund?”

  1. not.forgotten said :

    If you have a simple return and you didn’t do anything major in the past year (donate items, buy a house, buy a car, etc), going to an accountant probably won’t raise your return much. Also, after you take out their fee, you will probably lose money.

  2. Wolffsden said :

    no because they take a percent based on what you get, Whether you file simple or slightly difficult the software by taxact and turbotax is pretty simple and self explainatory. I dont like numbers but have used taxact for years and it is so easy,Plus you can file for free and you get all of your hard earned money

  3. Alan K said :

    What your friends ought to be asking their accountants is why haven’t they helped reduce their tax with holdings or estimated payments throughout the year.

    This amounts to an interest-free loan to the government until it is paid back to you in the form of a refund.

    And congratulations for having the smarts to do your own taxes.

  4. Sandra M said :

    Not really. You can do your own taxes online at,, or The main thing about taxes is decreasing the Adjusted Gross Income. If you have deductions then take them. All you are going to do by going to an accountant and having your taxes done is PAY MORE FOR THE RETURN. With all the new technology today it doesn’t make sense to do that.

  5. Mike said :

    Kwaam –

    It all depends on what type of service you are looking to receive. If you are good with numbers and navigating the IRS forms, then you can try one of the tax software packages. But some people just don’t like to even think of numbers so one of the chains (JH or HR, etc) could help you out. Depending on how complicated your return is, you could be charged $300 or more and people usually say the service is hit-or-miss. You may get a really good tax professional who has been working there for years or you may get someone who just took one of their “quick study” courses and is doing taxes to earn a few bucks. Either way, the company will stand by the return.

    You can also hire a CPA – there are many CPA’s online that you can use. Plus, CPA’s are probably the most knowledgeable in terms of tax law and regulations and during this time of year, many charge extremely competitive rates – sometimes better than HR / JH or the software packages. In fact, the one I use (linked below) each year only charges around $50 for my return – it’s really a great deals compared to the other guys.


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