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Does anyone know of any legitimite Pay Day Loans?

I need a loan ASAP, I’m considering a pay day loan. I’ve applied to several companies but it seems as though I’ve just been put through a run around. Does anyone know any websites that are REAL that I can get a fast loan from?

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2 Responses to “Does anyone know of any legitimite Pay Day Loans?”

  1. Shizuko Seibt said :

    Choosing a payday loan lender properly requires you to consider more than just interest rates. To find the highest-quality lender possible, you will also need to evaluate the lender’s terms, policies, and other features. Ideally, borrowers should evaluate two or three different payday loan lenders before they begin the application process. A thorough comparison of different lending institutions will help make your borrowing experience more rewarding and much less expensive. To assist you with the lender comparison process, we’ve put together a list of five ways you can compare your prospective payday loan lenders.

    1)Finance charges/APR. Your first priority when choosing a payday loan lender should be the lender’s finance charges or APR (annual percentage rate). Payday lenders usually express their interest rates as finance charges, but comparing APRs is a more accurate way to size up the costs of a loan. To find the APR of the loan in question, either ask your lender or consult your loan documents. The APR should be disclosed in bold.

    2)Maximum loan amount. All payday lenders have different caps on the maximum amount of money they will provide to any one borrower. The most common maximum payday loan amount is $500, but this can vary widely. Some lenders may offer loans of up to $1500 to qualified borrowers. If you need a larger payday loan, you might consider maximum loan amounts when shopping for a lender.

    3)Repayment terms. Payday loan lenders also tend to have different policies on the repayment of their loans. While some lenders require borrowers to repay the loan on the original due date, other lenders may offer some flexibility with the repayment date. For instance, some payday lenders may allow you to use a roll-over on your loan, which means you pay a fee in exchange for more time to repay the funds. If repayment flexibility is important to you, look for lenders who have a variety of repayment options.

    4)Convenience. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding payday lenders that offer online application and approval processes. Handling the borrowing process online makes it infinitely faster and more convenient for you. Compare different lenders to evaluate the extent to which you can handle the borrowing process online. Ideally, your lender should offer an online application process and the electronic transfer of funds. If you don’t want to fax in documents to qualify for your payday loan, you might also look for lenders that offer faxless payday loans.

    5)Qualification standards. Certain payday loans are more difficult to qualify for than others, and this is primarily a function of how stringent the lender’s qualification criteria are. When you compare lenders, make sure you take the qualification requirements into consideration. You will have a much better chance of qualifying for the payday loan you need if the lender has simple, straightforward qualification standards.

    I was using this site

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    Hope this help,

  2. Frank N said :

    Your question is a symptom of a serious money management problem. Spend your time getting good counsel for that instead.


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