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Do You Prepare Your Own Taxes or Do You Have an Accountant ?

I hate depending on other people. I currently have an Accountant, but i would like to learn how to do it my self. Is it difficult ?

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12 Responses to “Do You Prepare Your Own Taxes or Do You Have an Accountant ?”

  1. Jason said :

    you usually set the receipts up my month and then you total up the receipts for each month and they will take care of the rest

  2. pink.elephants123 said :

    my family does it themselves and it is hard….

  3. UP&down said :

    accountant… its easier… i wouldn’t want to mess up!!

  4. SSDD said :

    My mother is an accountant so I have always had the luxury of having it done before I even thought to start it…but I’ve heard with all the new tax software that it isn’t difficult at all

  5. nico22 said :

    My sister did mine for me. She’s not an accountant but she understands all of those forms. I hear it’s not that hard to do them yourself so I might try next year. They also have places that offer free tax counseling so if you need help you can get it. Some places offer free help. You can check your local public library.

  6. mrjnix911 said :

    I normally do my own. I don’t like the idea of having someone I don’t know having access to what I consider to be personal information. Besides, it’s not really that difficult to do them yourself.

  7. bluetamparomeo said :

    it’s according how much money you make and how many deductions if your smart enough its not that hard

  8. [email protected] said :

    get some one to do them for you .. but its much easier to do them online

  9. SuSie said :

    my brother does it for me. i don’t think it’s quite difficult to learn since my brother ain’t all that smart anyway. LOL

  10. Diamond D said :

    It is really easy to fill out by yourself.
    Just follow the screens on line and the return will be sent quicker to you! Best of luck!

  11. linkUS said :

    I have used the same CPA for the last thirteen years. When you own your own business nothing gives you more clout with the IRS than having the preparers name and CPA next to your signature. This guy is a graduate of Notre Dame and he has never cost more than $225 for a return.
    I think that professional, advice no matter the cost, is always better than spending all the hours it would take me to learn what he was trained for.
    There are millions of words to the tax code and it changes every year. I would rather let the CPA sit through the classes he must attend every year to learn the new rules.

  12. mrfoxhorn said :

    No it is not difficult. Take a tax course, that should help. I would never allow an accountant to do my taxes, they charge WAY to much and most of them make a ton of mistakes.


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