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Did any one used Forex Espionage for trading?

Can any one tell me if they have expirence in using this software for safe trading?? Any suggestion are welcomed. Thanks in advance

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5 Responses to “Did any one used Forex Espionage for trading?”

  1. Fx said :

    There is NO forex signal company that can beat the market in the long run. This is from my experience in forex trading for years. Else everyone is rich.

    A Forex trader needs to learn and master the necessary skills to be successful in forex trading.

  2. Shahid Gautam said :

    Forex Espionage is a superb package including an Expert Advisor (the Forex robot), Forex Trading Workbook, Basics Trading Manual and Forex Trading System. The Expert Advisor gives the customer plug and play automated Forex Trading profits within a few minutes of installation. This package will be invaluable for traders of all skill level. Forex Espionage was developed especially for Forex newbies who want to maximize profits and reduce losses, while trading with confidece like the big dogs do. It has special features to assure profitable trade.
    Forex moves FAST, so you could put on the trade and be down fifty percent in literally seconds, definitely minutes, and certainly hours, leaving you uncertain of what to do next..

  3. Jwzl_88 said :
  4. Vande Mataram said :

    I wouldn’t use it…Believe me with FX you need to implement human intelligence not robotic intelligence otherwise u will lose your money…..Study the graphs on your platform everyday and every morning read about the currencies…..Bloomberg and reuters are good sites that u can use…..

  5. Laurine Muinos said :

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