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Car finance was approved. Then i realised they had my hubbys name the wrong way round?

Then they phoned to get the correct date of birth. How can finance be approved with essential details being wrong? This isnt a dodgy company, its a well known company. Seems odd to me dont you think? When you can normally get refused credit if you fill something in slightly wrong(it was the saleseman who entered details wrongly), how can something like this happen?
Phil, why do i need to try again? it was approved? just suprised that it was with those wrong details.
Thanks BigD. We did correct them but to be approved in the first place ! WOW

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4 Responses to “Car finance was approved. Then i realised they had my hubbys name the wrong way round?”

  1. phil said :

    in every company there is a few planks.they dont know there job well.go to someone higher in charge and try again.

  2. BIG D said :

    The processing may have been done by someone who was not familiar with our naming.

    And if, for example someone’s name was ‘Albert Scott’ then either combination could be correct !

    Where I work in local government there are many ethnic names that I don’t know if they are first or family names.

    The main thing is to get it corrected by them

  3. Geoff C said :

    they mainly go off the social security number for the approval of the loan, so as long as that is right they will get the information they need off the credit report and it will also show his work record too.

    The rest can have a few mistakes on it and get over looked.. nothing really to worry about just get it corrected.

  4. Love Canada said :

    Your name is not their focus, they are looking at numbers, address, drivers, SSN, credit rating


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