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Can you consolidate pay day loans?

I have two outstanding payday loans that I am having trouble paying. I have one credit card that I haven’t used in a long time, but is nearly maxed out. I’m trying to get my finances squared away. Is it possible to consolidate my debt?

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2 Responses to “Can you consolidate pay day loans?”

  1. sunshine said :

    I was in your situation when I had to pay back 4 payday loans. not too many credit cuonseling companies can help you consolidate payday loans cause these lenders don’t want to negotiate a deal to repay.. But I did find a company online called Alliance Credit Counseling Services. They helped me consolidate the 4 loans I have into 1 monthly payment and will pay them off in 10 months. They can help you will payday loans and other debts. Go to
    and give them a try

  2. wildbirdie said :


    In theory there is no reason why not, but as a practical matter, the fact that you are using payday loans means that your credit is so bad that you don’t qualify for regular credit like debt consolidation loans.


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