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can pay day loans be written off in bankruptcy?

I am getting phone calls from these people telling me that these loans can not be relieved under bankruptcy chapter 7. They are calling my friends and job. Will bankruptcy help these issues?

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4 Responses to “can pay day loans be written off in bankruptcy?”

  1. wg0z said :

    they’re lying, but BK isnt required to make the fone calls stop. mail a letter, certified with return receipt, demanding that all communication be in writing.

  2. STEVEN F said :

    There is a simple method to determine when a collector is lying. Their mouth is moving. The are engaged in psychological WARFARE. Their JOB is to intimidate you into literally sending them your lunch money.

  3. Mandy said :

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  4. Jeena said :

    The pay day loan company is lying to you. Almost all unsecured debts can be discharged in bankruptcy. Only exception is if you borrowed the money with intent to defraud.


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