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Can i trade forex without the use of margins?

please i want to know whether i can trade forex without the use of margin, which means that i will only trade with the exact amount of money i deposited in my account.

if it is possible to trade without margin, what is the minimum amount of money i can start to trade with without the use of margin?both micro and mini accounts.

please also provide me with a link where i can get full information on spot trading.

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5 Responses to “Can i trade forex without the use of margins?”

  1. Warren534_FuturesTrader said :

    Yes, of course. Just because you can trade with leverage, doesn’t mean that you have to.

    You can also trade currency ETFs in a stock account. See and

    In case you’re interested, I have 129 e-books available on all facets of trading, including Futures, Options, Technical Analysis, Gann, Psychology, and Sentiment. These are some of the best trading books on the market. Email me for a full listing.

  2. Amna said :

    Spot traders take advantage of price variations in currencies and do not generally take positions in the market longer than on a same day basis. Most spot conditions are settled within minutes of a trade. However, spot trading in its truest sense shouldn’t be confused with scalping.

    The method that traders use to trade the Spot currencies differ according to whether trading is done on an ‘interbank’ basis or whether it’s done on personal account (usually leveraged trades). Interbank spot traders will set up their book to run a short or long position depending on where their intra day view of the market is and then they will trade the spreads trying to maintain that position.

  3. Sela said :

    you may refer to this site. they have an Info Center where you can learn a lot of about spot and other forms of forex trading. all the best.

  4. John D said :

    im sure you can though many traders use margins

  5. Dimana said :

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