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Can I pay one credit card with another and avoid the balance transfer fee?

My credit card is offering 0% on balance transfers but with a fee of 3%. It is also offering purchases at 0% with no fee. If I just make a payment to my other credit card using this first one, rather than requesting a balance transfer, will I avoid paying the balance transfer fee?

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3 Responses to “Can I pay one credit card with another and avoid the balance transfer fee?”

  1. [email protected] said :

    i think the offer on stands if you transfer the entire balance of the card to the other one. i dont think you can pay credit cards with another credit card. alot of places will block the cards from processing payments. try ir and find out

  2. Manfred said :

    I Paid my Egg balance with my LloydsTSB CC this month and it went through fine. Not sure if other companies allow this though, or if it would be considered a ‘purchase’.
    You don’t have to transfer the whole balance of a credit card when transferring a balance at a special offer rate. Perhaps try transferring a small amount (eg£50?) by paying by credit card to see how it goes through. If it doea and is a ‘purchase’ then transfer the rest of it.

  3. deja1436 said :

    If your first credit card was taken out before 1 April 2007 it may not be a legally binding agreement and you may be able to cancel it altogether. Find out at the website.


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