can I consolidate pay day loans too?

ok, lately I think Ive hit rock bottom, I dont konw. But I do know that usually I am very responsible with my money until recently. I had borrowed from one pay day loan and another and another-and its all done over the internet. Now I have like a couple hundred dollars coming out every other week, a house payment, 2 auto payments, credit cards and what other responsibilites I have. I want to crawl in a hole, I have put my family thru hell with this. I cant believe I have gone this far, what in the world do I do? So I thought well If I consolidate, will I be able to consolidate the pay day loans too? What is wrong with me? lately I have asked myself that over and over again. I know I have depression and lately its been getting worse. I just want to cry. I dont know what to do, have any advice, sometimes I think bankruptcy is my only way out, I know thats the cowards way out, but I cant take the burden anymore. Thanks

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  1. nathan h said:

    I used to work as a collector at a payday loan company. My advice to you is to stop borrowing from them. You need to add up how much debt you have, and then see how long it will take to pay it back. Possibly bankruptcy might be the answer for you. Concerning payday loans, if you dont have the money to keep renewing them and repaying the interest, you should probably default on them.

    They will hound you like crazy, call you at work, call your references, etc. To stop this you can send them a certified cease and desist letter. If they dont stop you can sue them and win easily, but i think they would definately stop. This would buy you some time to save up the money and pay them back.

    Maybe think about talking to a financial counselor who can help you set up a budget and a plan to get your debt paid off.

    If its not possible to get things under control in a reasonable amount of time, you may want to think about bankruptcy. Im pretty sure its free to contact a bankruptcy attorney and have a consult with them. One thing to keep in mind, they only make money when you do file, so some of them may pressure you to file when you actually should not.

    One last thing, people who were going to file bankruptcy would often come to my company and borrow money, then go to the attorney’s office and use the money to pay him. They would then include this in the bankruptcy. This is pretty unethical, and if a bankruptcy judge knew this happened, they would probably not allow it, but ive never seen that happen.

    (If you owe money to Advance America , please pay them back asap, I own stock in the company!)

  2. sunshine_today said:

    The payday loans are the devil. they are modern day loan sharks and they take advantage of desperate people.

    You can’t borrow your way out of debt. You are living beyond your means right now and you need to take some drastic immediate action to get back on track. Sell one of your cars. Sure, it might be inconvenient for a while but it gives you some money and gets that insurance payment out of your life. Have a garage sale, sell whatever crap you can scrounge up that you don’t use anymore. Your first priority is to get rid of those payday loans because they are the highest rate loans you have. have you investigated an equity line of credit on your house? I really don’t want to recommend that, because it can jepordize your home if you don’t stop financially floundering. But, it might be a way to get a reasonable interest rate and use the money to pay off those payday loans and get them out of your life for now. You will still owe the money, only now you are paying it back at a more reasonable rate toward that home equity line.

    You aren’t a failure. You made a bad choice financially and it snowballed. A lot of people do that–why do you think there is a payday advance store on every corner now? Everyone is desperate at some point. Don’t let that feeling of desperation color your sense of self worth. Managing money is a skill and it can take a while to learn it. You need to cut some of your overhead, though, find ways to scale back and get all hands on deck–it’s a family problem, anyone who can contribute needs to be helping right now.

    Good luck!

  3. smiling4ever222 said:

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